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Terracom’s Ex.Change Project uses art – inspired by science – to help innovative green and sustainability-minded organizations cut through today’s digital clutter to grow their impact and drive business. 


Art engages and spurs curiosity. It can be tactile, interactive, surprising, evocative – memorable. 


The Ex.Change Project offers a novel approach that helps forward-thinking organizations 

  • Be different, 

  • Connect with audiences in new ways,

  • Advance their brands and visibility,

  • Further their missions, and

  • Communicate their core values.


How? By commissioning relevant art works that are springboards for learning and create lasting impressions.


Collaboration fuels The Ex.Change Project, whose partners include artists, nonprofits, government agencies, universities, museums and businesses.  


Learn more about Terracom. 

I think what you’re doing is spot-on. It’s so valuable, because art is a non-threatening way to reach people on a visceral level. And that can be a starting point for change.”


–Harry Drucker, Chair, Environmental Law & Policy Center, & President, Revere Corp.


Terracom’s Ex.Change Project is a catalyst that


Conceptualizes, creating and seizing opportunities to bring green ideas to growing audiences, and developing vehicles for stimulating curiosity and interaction;


Convenes, identifying and assembling individuals and organizations to cultivate new alliances that build awareness and spur action; 


Crafts, working with its partners to hone ideas and elements; 


Communicates, connecting with stakeholders through micro to macro strategies; and


Completes, managing projects from concept development through execution.


Being different

Terracom's Ex.Change project helps innovative green organizations be strategically different.

The approach of teaming businesses as active partners in art-driven pursuits is not unlike a longtime collaboration between UBS and the Guggenheim Museum, profiled by the Harvard Business School.

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